09 July 2014

Headlines for 9 July 2014

Take action: Call Indiana Governor Pence (317-232-4567) and ask him to reverse his decision and recognize marriages performed in the state between same-sex couples.

Check out the following coverage on the Hobby Lobby ruling: Democrats have heard the response to the ruling, and Obama still punking GOP on contraception.

It was also a big day on environmental issues, including: Cutting US emissions to 1901 levels is possible if we had the will, World could avoid temperature increase over 2C if we have the will, It is hot enough to damage the economy and will only get worse, and neonicotinoids are hurting birds in addition to bees.

Check out headlines with notes on: Utah to appeal same-sex marriage case to the Supreme Court, Gitmo brass oppossing testifying on force-feedings, What Obama can do on immigration without Congress, and Secret bases will return in new pokemon games.

Check out just headlines on: Ebola continues to kill in West Africa, sand-based lithium ion batteries made, and Colorado ban on marriage equality ruled unconstitutional.

Take Action

Indiana won't recognize same-sex marriages performed last month
Several hundred marriages took place between the district court decision and the 7th Circuit stay. The state has decided not to recognize these legal marriages (the Federal government, of course, will). That said it will recognize a single marriage as ordered by the 7th Circuit, but it will not recognize any of the others.

Tell Indiana's governor to recognize same-sex marriages performed before the stay! Photo from Hoosiers United for Marriage's Facebook Page

Hobby Lobby Ruling Aftermath

Posted on Planned Parenthood Action's Facebook Page
Democrats push bill to reverse Supreme Court ruling on contraceptives
While this isn't likely to pass it will put heat on Republicans, who are obstructing access to contraceptives for women who work at closely-held corporations that choose to align themselves with a religion.

Obama's contraception mandate: still punking the GOP
This article essentially notes that it is great for Democrats for the GOP to continue to get more vehemently anti-contraception, and compares what is happening now to what happened before with religious non-profits.


Environmental Issues

Fix the climate problem? Easy. Cut US emissions to 1901 levels
While this sounds crazy it is technically feasible. It mainly requires changing our energy sources. It does require some increase in efficiency (this isn't directly written in the article but a reduction in liquid fuels by 46% and increase in electricity by 20% suggests an increase in efficiency to me). Remember the simple steps we can all take (and these are steps that will save you money!) - replace incandescent lightbulbs with CFL (or even better, LED), unplug your phone and laptop charger when not using them, etc. Unfortunately, these changes do require political buy-in...

World can still stop globe from warming more than 2C, experts tell UN
While a number of the recent forecasts have been bleak, concerted efforts by governments could prevent warming beyond 2C. Warming beyond 2C is of course expected. The changes have already begun, and are worse than were predicted. That said, there are still actions we can take to reduce the damage we are going to see in the future!

How hot is it? Hot enough to ruin the economy
Worker productivity is reduced by the increasing number of hot days. Higher temperatures also mean higher electrical demand and thus higher energy costs. Violent crime expected to increase. Loss of coastal property. Heat-related injuries and death. There is a pretty big reason why Business leaders say climate change threatens the economy.

Comic from Sydney Green Ring
Second Silent Spring? Bird declines linked to popular pesticides
We already knew neonicotinoids are a problem for bees. It appears these pesticides are also a problem for some birds. I think we can see the way this is heading.


Utah to appeal same-sex marriage case to US Supreme Court
Looks like there is a very good chance the Supreme Court will hear a same-sex marriage case next term. Utah is going to go directly to the Supreme Court instead of asking for an en banc review by the 10th Circuit Court. Due to the large number of cases on the subject, I think it is fairly likely the Supreme Court will take the case. That said, there has not yet been a circuit split, so they could potentially wait until such a split occurrs.

Gitmo brass testifying on force-feeding would be bad for morale, US says
Gitmo really needs shut down. It is embarrassing for the United States that this place is still open, and that is all due to Congress (who has continued to pass legislation blocking closing the facility). In order to deal with a hunger strike that has been occurring there, prisoners are being force-fed. This piece is truly a sad mark, that people are so oppossed to even a hearing on the topic. It is all very shameful.

How Obama can fix the immigration system without Congress
Well, he can't really fix it, but he can tinker with it some and improve millions of peoples' lives. Since he directs the executive, he can have some level of deregulation for administrative rules. This could still be beneficial to millions of currently undocumented immigrants that are potentially-new Americans or migrant workers.

Yay, one of Pokemon's best features is coming back
Secret bases will return for Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire!

Photo of a Gen 3 remake secrete base from Kotaku


Just Headlines
WHO: Newest ebola cases lead to 25 deaths in West Africa
Researchers create sand-based lithium ion batteries
Judge: Colorado same-sex marriage ban unconstitutional

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