07 July 2014

Headlines for 7 July 2014

Check out headlines with notes on: Myth concerning Trans*-inclusive restrooms debunked, no decision yet on growing number of stranded immigrants (though stranded children will likely be deported), an American is being tested for Ebola in Ghana, and BBC told to stop giving climate change deniers so much time as it creates "false balance." Apparently it is a big day on marijuana issues, with the following three articles: NY passes strict medical marijuana bill, Washington state issuing marijuana retail licenses (stores begin opening tomorrow), and D.C. to vote on marijuana decriminialization. Check out just headlines on: Texas confirms 1st case of chikungunya, Apple hires TAG Heuer executive (iWatch?), Study suggests children of same-sex couples are happier and healthier, and Information on an upcoming Google Hangout on Feminism and the movie Obvious Child. Check out the video: Mine (poem video about an abusive relationship).


Debunking the Big Myth about Transgender-Inclusive Bathrooms
Allowing people to use the bathroom they most identify with is a pretty obvious step for people to take. A number of states have done just this, and these states have not had the problems that some were worried it would.

This link is to an Al Jazeera video. 50,000 immigrant children are stranded in the United States right now. Facilities are getting more taxed. The United States needs to act to reform its system, making citizenship easier, streamlining the process, and deciding where between full amnesty and deportation we are willing and able to do with those already here (I of course learn strongly towards the amnesty side, including expediting those currently waiting in line so it is fair to them as well).
This said, and while we don't yet know for sure, it looks quite likely that the immigrant children will be deported.

Ebola Outbreak: Ghana tests U.S. man
The ebola outbreak continues to rage on. An American man is being tested (in Ghana). Not many details have been released yet. This disease is incredibly deadly and spreads fairly easily. This test comes during the largest outbreak of ebola ever recorded.

BBC told to cool it on climate change deniers
A report has told BBC to stop giving discredited ideas equal time. News networks are essentially creating "false balance" by pretending that there is any legitimacy to discredit ideas (like climate change denial and creationism). Essentially, it is the Last Week Tonight clip:


The climate around marijuana appears to be rapidly changing. Today brings the total number of states that have legalized medical marijuana to 23, and tomorrow two states will have legal sale of marijuana for recreational use. It appears that D.C. may be laying the groundwork to join that list, assuming that the Federal government does not block them. While states are doing this, marijuana remains criminalized at the Federal level, though the Federal government is not pursuing states that legalize its use. It should be noted that the DEA is actively obstructing research on the drug, and public opinion is rapidly changing.

NY becomes 23rd state to allow medical marijuana
Minnesota became 22nd and now New York is 23rd. It looks like New York passed a relatively similar bill to Minnesota too from this article. Smoking is not allowed, and can only be administered for certain conditions. I'm wondering if this approach will become common, as it does seem like a compromise that makes medical marijuana legalization more pallatable to some skeptics (such as Minnesota's governor).

Washington state starts issuing retail marijuana licenses
Washington, like Colorado, has legalized marijuana. Legal sale of marijuana will begin tomorrow, and the state is issuing retail licenses today.

Legalizing pot in D.C. heads to November ballot
D.C. was able to collect twice the needed signatures to put marijuana decriminalization (allowing up to 2 ounces) on the ballot. Note that the Federal government can block D.C. law. That said, this could give marijuana legalization another win at the ballot box.

Marijuana Laws by state, Image modified from Governing.com


From Planned Parenthood Action's Facebook Page

Mine - This video is a poem about a relationship becoming abusive and leaving that relationship. I saw it posted on Planned Parenthood's Tumblr

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