31 July 2014

Headlines for 31 July 2014

Check out videos and headlines with notes on: Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett singing "Anything Goes," College Humor educational video on purebred dogs, Woman discusses her abortion story with her daughter, Mother discussing her trans daughter, House GOP leadership fails to pass border bill, and Five new laws take affect in Minnesota on August 1st.

Check out just headlines on: Judge dismisses challenge to NJ conversion therapy ban, Justice Ginsburg not retiring, and WHO launches $100 million ebola response plan.

Cheat out just comics on: Ebola, and Map of all the countries one flight away from ebola.

Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett sing "Anything Goes"
Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett have collabortated on a jazzy album called "Cheek to Cheek." Album is due in September. I am definitely excited for this album! I'm particularly glad to see them release "Anything Goes" considering I was in a production of the musical in high school. For those who are pessimistic about society and thinking it has a bunch of new problems, listen to the lyrics of this song. Then remember it is from a 1934 musical.
This is an excellent duo, as you can also hear in Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett's previous collaboration, "The Lady is a Tramp."

College Humor educational video on purebred dogs (mildly NSFW)
Yep, human selective breeding is responsible for a bunch of the problems purebred dogs have. Problems mutts are much less likely to have. Need further evidence? Check out the bulldog skull on the right:
Image from EVOL300 Course Website
Want another one? Try a google search for a pug skull. And if you liked this video, maybe check out the one on male circumcision.

A woman discussers her abortion with her daughter
There is a movement for women to open up about their abortion to destigmatize the decision. You can check out people opening up about their experiences at NotAlone.Us . Here is one of the videos:

A mom discusses her trans daughter
Trans* stories are diverse and varied. There are many voices and different stories to tell. Here is one mother discussing her experience.

Border failure rocks House GOP leadership
Boehner has again failed to get through legislation. The speaker can't even get his own legislation through... The "Do Nothing" Congress continues...

Five new laws in Minnesota start August 1st

  1. Minimum wage increase ($8/hr, will progressively climb to $9.50 and increase automatically with inflation)
  2. Domestic abusers and stalkers will be prohibited from possessing firearms
  3. Law attacks synthetic drugs
  4. Penalties updated for data breaches
  5. Motorists must investigate collisions


Just Headlines

  1. Federal judge dismisses latest challenge to N.J. ban on gay conversion therapy
  2. Ruth Bader Ginsburg: I'm not going anywhere
  3. World Health Organization launches $100 million Ebola response plan as crisis deepens


Just Comics

Comic from Cagle

Image from Quartz

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