29 July 2014

Headlines for 29 July 2014

Check out headlines with notes on: Satanists to use Hobby Lobby ruling to block anti-choice propaganda, China plans to build super collider as US continues to fall behind on particle physics, Poll numbers show Democrat win of Oklahoma governership is possible, and New York debates if housing is healthcare (which could save money).

Check out just headlines on: US unfairly targeted Arabs and Muslims, Senators in both parties agree states must do more for higher education, Ebola kills senior doctor in Liberia, Liberia closes border crossings amid Ebola crisis, An American citizen dies of Ebola in Nigeria, A second American in Liberia has Ebola, Ebola outbreak forces West African airline to halt flights, Tentative agreement on US veterans health bill, Spacecraft reveals 101 geysers on a Saturn moon, No one knows what is causing mysterious radio bursts from space, Religious violence in 2013 displaced millions, Federal court blocks closing of Mississippi's last abortion clinic, Colorado Supreme Court stops Boulder from issuing same-sex marriages, LGB youth four times more likely to attempt suicide, Illinois issues bulletin reminding insurers that transgender health coverage is protected by law, and 4th Circuit rules Virginia same-sex marriage ban unconstitutional.

Check out just comics on: Superman is an undocumented immigrant, It was Obama, Death penalty, Drones, Writing, and Mary Poppins quitting over wages.


Well, well. Satanists to use Hobby Lobby to block [anti-choice] propaganda
One of the tenants of Satanism is that, "One's body is inviolable, subject to one's will alone" (Satanic Temple). Because of this, abortion is clearly an indivual's right (since a fetus can NOT persist without the use of a person's body). Another tenant of Satanism is that, "Beliefs should conform to our best scientific understanding of the world. We should take care never to distort scientific facts to fit our beliefs" (Satanic Temple). Many states' abortion laws directly violate this tenant as they mandate patients be given false and/or misleading information. Due to the recent Hobby Lobby decision by the Supreme Court, the Satanic Temple is encouraging people to use religious liberty protections to avoid having to recieve this anti-choice propaganda. They have drafted a letter people can give to their healthcare professionals stating how this propaganda violates their sincerely held beliefs and therefore they should be exempt from recieving it. It will be interesting to see how this moves forward.

China plans super collider
China could very well position itsself as the world leader in particle physics by building the tools needed. The nation is considering building a $3 billion collider that would dwarf the collider that confirmed the existence of the Higgs boson. I feel it appropriate to note that the United States government has several military projects that cost more than this a budget cycle. It also seems worth noting that the United States funding for the National Science Foundation this year is $7.172 billion. President Obama's 2015 budget would only give the US Department of Energy's high-energy physics budget $744 million (a 6% cut). The United State's risk of falling behind on particle physics continues to get worse.

Poll numbers show a Democrat could be Oklahoma's next governor
Voting counts. Races can be surprisingly close. In 2008, Alaska had a house race that was decided by a single vote. There are examples of 2 vote margins in: 1974, 20042006. There are many, many examples of close election results. Minnesota's Al Franken is even an example. Just because it is a midterm election this year doesn't mean it isn't important to vote.

New York debates whether housing counts as healthcare
Surprise, surprise, sometimes housing lowers the overall cost of healthcare. In the example given in this article, living at an assisted living facility for a year is half the cost of a homeless individual's emergency room visits they would otherwise have in a year. Simple cost-benefit analysis on this topic might be able to save us money and offer better care. You'd think cost-benefit analyses would make a lot of topics apolitical and obvious. I can understand needing a long debate on something that will: (a) cost more money but improve service or (b) cost less money but reduce service. That said, something that costs less money and improves service seems like a fairly simple choice.


Just Headlines

  1. Report: US unfairly targeted Arabs, Muslims
  2. Senators in both parties agree: States must do more for higher education
  3. Ebola
    1. Ebola kills senior doctor in Liberia
    2. Liberia closes border crossings amid Ebola crisis
    3. Man who died of Ebola in Nigeria was American citizen
    4. 2nd American has Ebola in Liberia
    5. Health officials fear possible spread of Ebola virus beyond West Africa
    6. Ebola outbreak forces West African airline to halt flights
  4. Tentative agreement reached on US veterans' healthcare funding bill
  5. Cassini spacecraft reveals 101 geysers erupting on icy Saturn moon
  6. No one knows what's causing these mysterious radio bursts from space
  7. Religious violence in 2013 displaced millions
  8. Federal court blocks closing of sole Mississippi abortion clinic
  9. Colorado Supreme Court stops same-sex marriages in Boulder county
  10. Gay and bisexual youth are nearly 4 times more likely to attempt suicide
  11. Illinois insurance department issues bulletin on transgender coverage (its protected by law)

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