22 July 2014

Headlines for 21 July 2014

Headlines with notes on: HIV/AIDS researchers on shot down Malaysian airliner, Cafe serves as breastfeeding pit stop, A woman discusses her abortion, and Obama signs executive order expanding sexual orientation and gender identity protections to government contractors.

Just headlines on: Muslims and Atheists least liked in US, In general the states who raised their minimum wage also had larger job growth, Marijuana researcher fights to get her job back, John Cho casting may be revolutionary for Asian representation in entertainment media,Study finds HIV establishes viral reservoir at very early stage, Industrial disasters more likely to impact low-income communities and communities of color, Earth continuing to break heat records, More Chikungunya cases in the United States, Very-expensive very-effective drugs could increase health insurance cost, and Death toll rises to 500 Gazans and 27 Israelis in current conflict.


Top AIDS researchers killed in Malaysian Airlines Crash
A number of HIV/AIDS research experts were on the Malaysian Airline that was shot down in Ukraine. They were on their way to a conference on HIV/AIDS.

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British cafe offers breastfeeding mothers a pit stop
Breastfeeding is an obvious choice for many mothers. Yet, even with many juristictions having laws to protect nursing mothers, some people are so afraid of boobs and female anatomy that they will attempt to force nursing mothers to hide themselves or not nurse in public at all. One cafe, instead, is offering nursing mothers a pit stop, regardless of whether or not they are customers. This is great to see, and hopefully it catches on more. Mothers and wet nurses should be able to nurse whenever they need to, to be able to do so in public, and to be able to show as much skin as they want or need to show in order to nurse.Nursing isn't something anyone should be ashamed of, and it is appaulling that anyone would have a problem with it.

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What we don't talk about when we don't talk about abortion
As I've been discussing lately, there seems to be a movement for people to start telling their abortion stories. Women's rights are actively being rolled back at the moment, and this is threatening the health, safety, and freedom of women. Coming out has been an incredibly powerful political tool for the Queer community, and I think that for the people who are willing and able to tell their abortion stories, it will serve as a powerful tool. Women you know and respect have choosen abortion. There is nothing wrong with making that decision. Let's keep abortion safe and legal. You can check out projects like Not Alone to hear and/or share abortion stories. Also remember there are a number of resources in your community if you are considering or need an abortion or other reproductive health care services. These resources include organizations like Planned Parenthood.

Obama urges Congress to ban job bias against Gays
Today, Obama signed an executive order banning businesses that contract with the Federal government from discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity. While this does not protect all Americans, it is a significant move forward. It will require an act of Congress to protect all Americans from discrimination in employment, housing, et cetera on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.


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