17 July 2014

Headlines for 17 July 2014

Headlines with notes on: Tesla Model 3, Nevada Assemblywoman defends opening up about her abortion, 22 women's reasons for taking birth control, and Polio eradication still possible.

Just headlines on: Belgium appoints its first transgender MP, Israel begins ground invasion of Gaza, An update on Senate Republicans (image), and Florida marriage ban struck down (image).


Why Tesla's Model 3 could be the most important electric car ever
The premise of the article is that the new Tesla Model 3 will be reasonably affordable, aesthetically pleasing, and have an infrastructure that will make it much more competitive with cars running on fossil fuels. While Nissan and Mitsubishi both have sub-40k electric cars, they look like what you'd expect an electric car to look like, and there isn't the charging infrastructure. While Tesla still has work to do on the charging infrastructure, it at least covers a fair amount of the population. Also, for those who have seen a Tesla (there are a few in the Twin Cities for example), they are gorgeous cars. I guess we will see if this new Tesla really changes the game.

Tesla charging stations, map from Gizmodo
Nevada Assemblywoman Lucy Flores defends decision to speak out about her abortion
There is nothing wrong with having or having had an abortion. You are not alone. As the war on women continues, ending the silence on abortion might be an important tool to ensure women continue to have rights over their bodies. Women have strong and powerful stories to tell about their decisions on terminating a pregnancy. Stories have power. I think coming out has been one of the most powerful tools the Queer community has had in fighting to secure our rights. Given that 1 in 3 women will have an abortion in their lifetime, there are a lot of stories. There are a lot of people whose rights are at stake.

Image from Planned Parenthood
We asked 22 women why they take birth control and these are their answers
This is a photo essay. A variety of reasons are given - birth control, acne, cramps, period regulation, hormone regulation, empowerment, endometrosis, et cetera. I had to look up endometrosis, which is a condition in which the cells from the inside of one's uterus grow in other parts of the body. The photo I found the most powerful was the following:
Photo from Buzzfeed
Within reach: A redoubling of efforts should swiftly eradicate polio from its last strongholds
Humans were able to elimate smallpox from the wild thanks to an extensive vaccination effort. Rinderpest, a disease of cattle, has also be eradicated in the wild thanks to human efforts. Polio absolutely could be eradicated from human populations, ending a disease which has ravaged much of the world. This requires serious effort, but it can happen. This is a global venture, a human venture, and a way we can make a serious positive impact for future generations.

Infographic from Rotary International

Just Headlines
Image from US Senate Democrat's Facebook Page

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