16 July 2014

Headlines for 16 July 2014

Check out headlines with notes on: Nurse refuses to force-feed Gitmo detainee, Number of people living with HIV unchanged since 2012 plus new infections are decreasing, New pregnancy discrimination guidelines, FCC extends comment period on net neutrality to Friday at midnight, and Highway funding fight continues.

Check out just headlines on: New Thor is a woman, Court upholds use of race in UT admissions, The Mayo Clinic in Minnesota is ranked the best hospital in the country, GOP candidate mistakes YMCA kids for fearful migrants, $10 million to help tribes with climate change resiliency, Wasp released to help control emerald ash borer, Fed Chair says economy still needs Fed support, West Africa ebola tell toll surges, and Senate Republicans block a bill to fix Hobby Lobby decision.

Just comics on: Superweeds, and Immigrant children.


Nurse refuses to force-feed Gitmo detainee
The hunger strike at Guantanamo Bay continues, and so does the force feeding of these prisoners. A nurse has refused to participate. He was assigned to different duties. It is crazy to think Gitmo is still open. Both presidential candidates in 2008 ran on closing it. President Obama has been trying to close it for years and is being blocked by Congress every time. Congress needs to stop blocking this and let this facility be closed.

HIV News
1. Number of people living with HIV worldwide unchanged since 2012
2. UN: HIV infections decreasing, epidemic could be contained by 2030
Hopeful news in the fight against HIV. It still looks like humanity will live with the virus, but the hope of at least some level of control exists. Getting people tested and treated can vastly reduce new infections, and there has been work on increasing access to testing and treatment. There are likely a number of institutions in your area that provide HIV testing (some of which may be very affordable or even free), including places like Planned Parenthood, and in the Twin Cities the Red Door Clinic.

Image from ThinkProgress
Federal government releases new guidelines on pregnancy discrimination
While pregnancy status has been protected from discrimination, it has been narrowly interpreted historically. The US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has released new guidelines. This is great news, though their is much work to do. The United States still lags behind a number of other countries on protections for pregnant women.

FCC extending net neutrality commenting time after site buckles
For those who haven't commented on net neutrality (aka preventing cable company f***ery), you now have until Friday at midnight! So far 780,000 comments have been made. The website couldn't handle all the comments and went under, so the deadline has been established. Please, please think about commenting. If net neutrality dies it may mean internet becomes a whole lot more like cable TV, and nobody wants that (except the cable companies)! You can comment at fcc.gov/comments (it is called "Protecting and promoting the open Internet").

As Congress fights over highway funding, roads feel pinch
Our infrastructure is aging. It also requires general maintainance. There is an easy but unpopular solution to this problem. Instead, Congress is looking for a band-aid.


Just Headlines
Marvel: New Thor is a woman
University of Texas flagship's use of race in admissions can stand, court rules
Mayo Clinic is tops in magazine's hospital rankings
GOP candidate mistakes YMCA kids for migrants, describes 'fear in their faces'
Bureau of Indian Affairs to start $10 million program to help tribes with climate change
Wasps let loose in Winona to fight ash borer
(Fed Chair) Yellen says economy still needs Fed(eral Reserve Bank) support
WHO: West Africa ebola death toll surges to 603
Image from NARAL Pro-Choice America's Facebook Page


Just Comics
Comic from Cagle
Comic from Cagle

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