12 July 2014

Headlines for 12 July 2014


Check out headlines with notes on: Nixon White House tape on the Gays, Contraception saves A LOT of money, HIV detected in baby thought cured of the virus, the Civil Rights Act's gift to Trans* people, and University & library groups suggest net-neutrality principles.

Check out just headlines on: Australian olympian Ian Thorpe comes out, Indiana and Wisconsin marriage equality cases combined and fast-tracked, Lawns pose a threat to groundwater supplies, Anti-Obamacare ads may have increased enrollment, and Dozens of new ebola cases in west Africa.

Check out just comics on: Obama's immigrantion appropriations request, and Migrant children and the highway trust fund.


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Nixon on White House tapes: Gays born that way
Tapes from former President Nixon have him talking about Gay people being born that way, but also apparently we suck the vitality out of society. It is definitely amusing to read/listen to.

Birth control saves money. Lots of it.
This is kind of a given, but it is an important part of the contraception-coverage conversation. Estimates include contraception saving $4.26 for every $1 put in (this is less than Colorado estimated itself saving from its contraception coverage program). This cost savings should be recognized in contraception coverage discussions.

HIV detected in 'Mississippi baby' who doctors thought was cured of virus
Doctors had thought they may have cured a baby of HIV with antiretroviral drugs. Unfortunately the virus has reappeared in this child. We have a lot to learn about retroviruses.

The Civil Rights Act's unintended gift to Transgender rights
Sex discrimination protections protect transgender individuals. In 1989 the Supreme Court ruled in Price Waterhouse v Hopkins that assuming a woman fits a sex stereotype is discrimination on the basis of sex. While many states (such as Minnesota), and cities (such as West Lafayette, Indiana) protect on the basis of gender identity and gender expression, it is important to remember that this is a specific innumeration that is important for diversity and inclusion (and avoids a lot of unneccessary fighting, pain, and suffering), but not required to protect Trans* individuals.

From Wikipedia. Dark purple protects from employment discrimination for all people on the basis of gender identity and expression. Pink only protects people seeking public employment.

11 University and library groups release net-neutrality principles
The FCC comment period on Net Neutrality (aka Preventing Cable Company F***ery) closes on July 15th. You can submit a comment concerning this to the FCC at FCC.gov/comments . Many institutions are concerned about the effects of allowing internet service providers to have different speeds for different websites. This is especially true for nonprofit organizations.


Just Headlines
Australian Olympic gold medalist Ian Thorpe comes out as Gay
Appeals court joins, fast tracks Indiana, Wisconsin same-sex marriage cases
Quest to save groundwater aims at love for lush, green lawns
Anti-Obamacare ads may have increased enrollment
Dozens of new Ebola cases bring West Africa death toll to 539


Just Comics
Comic from Cagle. Referring to the $3.7 billion Obama requested for the child migrant issue, and the wildly successful kickstarter about making potato salad.
Comic from Cagle. Referring to Congress' refusal to work on the child migrant issue and to fix the highway trust fund funding issue.

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