10 July 2014

Headlines for 10 July 2014

Check out headlines with notes on: A Hawaiian plant is being threatened by changes in temperature and precipitation, Gay blood drive activism, Even poor whites have it better than Blacks, The power of graduate students, Child easily identifies sign that Fox reporters can't figure out, Pipeline spill in ND may take months to clean up and impact drinking water, and the US needs cost-benefit analysis of incarciration.

Check out just headlines on: 5000+ same-sex marriages in Illinois, Bill Gates backing birth control with wireless on-off switch, Rare 80-year-old agave begins to bloom at University of Michigan botanic garden, Stress and discrimination contribute to Queer community's health problems and suicide rate, Laverne Cox becomes first Trans* person nominated for an Emmy, Cosmos got nominated for 12 Emmys, Judge rules Boulder Colorado can continue to issue marriage licenses, Denver to begin issuing same-sex marriage licenses, Soybean pathogen may thrive with climate change, One year since NC slipped abortion restrictions into a motorcycle safety bill (infographic), and Governor Pence of Indiana's hypocracy.

Check out some political cartoons on the Hobby Lobby decision and the Detained Attempted-Migrant Children.


Atop a volcano, a rare plant meets its match
Silverswords in Hawaii are having a hard time keeping up with the increased temperature and decreased precipitation in recent years. There currently is a research project examining exactly how much water these plants need. Climate change is now having to be considered explicitely in the management of this species.

Gay blood drive aims to lift donation ban
Currently, any man who has sex with another man since 1977 is ineligible to donate blood. Regardless of whether or not this may have made sense in the past, it doesn't make much sense now, yet the FDA has not repealed the ban. The Red Cross has even called for the ban to be removed. This article highlights how a Purdue student is plugging into a current effort to get the ban overturned - by highlighting the willingness of men who have sex with men to donate blood through the National Gay Blood Drive.

Surprised? Even poor whites have it better than Blacks
Sadly, unless you live under a rock or are a racist, it is no surprise that racism is alive and well. Many act as if social class is the overriding system of oppression, but stories like this are why I have a hard time with that. I think this video of Neil deGrasse Tyson discussing African Americans in the sciences is a very articulate way of putting the issue:

The power of graduate students
This article was in the Chronicle of Higher Education's Academe Today email. Graduate students are essentially for the functioning of many university systems. Graduate students can and must organize and make demands - both for the health of themselves and the health of the university. All too often we hear about graduate students told to avoid extra/co-curriculars, such as graduate student government and unions. This strongly hurts the university system.

Watch a child dismantle Fox's panic over gender-neutral restrooms
Gender-neutral restrooms are an obvious choice. They are more efficient, make people more comfortable (whether they are trans*, gender nonconforming, been victims of certain kinds of violence, need to take children with them, etc). Fox News loves fake hystery, and they've been trying to create it over desegregated restrooms. In this clip, nobody has a hard time with the sign, except the Fox reporters.

Cleanup of North Dakota pipeline spill could take weeks
The North Dakota oil boom has led to a number of things, and one of those things is spills. This spill was saltwater, a biproduct of oil production. This spill may have also contaminated drinking water for a Native American reservation.

The price of sentencing people to prison
While crime in the United States has decreased, our prison populations have grown. It is very costly to incarcirate a person, and incarciration length may affect the ability of someone to economically contribute after they have served their sentence. A cost-benefit analysis of incarciration is necessary.


Just Headlines
More than 5000 same-sex marriages in Illinois
Bill Gates backs birth control with wireless on-off switch
U-M botanical garden's rare 80-year-old American agave begins to bloom
Stress, discrimination makes LGBT community more vulnerable to health problems, suicide
Laverne Cox is the first transgender performer to be nominated for an Emmy
Cosmos just got nominated for 12 Emmys
Judge: Boulder can continue issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples
Denver city clerk says she will issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples
Climate change provides good growing conditions for charcoal rot in soybeans

Image from Planned Parenthood Action's Facebook Page
Governor Mike Pence (R-IN), hypocrite. Photo by Christopher Pratt


Comic from the Political Cartoon Tumblr
Comic by Rob Roger
Comic by Rob Roger
Comic by Nick Anderson

Comic from WWJTD
Comic by Rob Roger
Comic by Nick Anderson

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