01 July 2014

Headlines for 1 July 2014

A blogging trial
I am going to try something new with how I blog. This should make my blog more regular too. While I will probably still occassionally have my rants, I'm going to try to regularly post a variety of news articles that I've read (either that day or recently as I may not post every day). I've noticed I've been sharing a number on other networks, and I liked the format of my Al Jazeera post. I can thus use this to reduce how much I post on other networks (as I can share them all at once) while increasing the regularity I post on my blog.

I will have article links and infographics. Some of them will have a little bit of commentary, some may even have extended commentary, and some will just be headlines (especially when the headline portrays the point of me listing the article). I will also have a summary, which will be the blurb for that day. I will try to be simple with my labels so they come up frequently.


Check out headlines with notes on: Suggestions for improving healthcare for Trans* individuals, more problems with ending tenure, women lose rights to corporations (plus a RBG shirt that benefits Planned Parenthood), hope for breastfeeding, further data on the disadvantages women face in science, a look at American infrastructure needing repaired, and a note that it isn't just the United States attacking the rights of women as a European Court upholds France's ban on face viels. Also just headlines for: Navy's first female four-star admiral, Judge Judy learning about Grindr, Kentucky and Indiana getting marriage-equality advances, and new laws go into effect in Minnesota.


Space for self-determination: Making medical settings welcoming for trans* patients
I saw this article posted by the Transgender Law Center. In essence, while the Affordable Care Act helped Trans* healthcare it wasn't a magic bullet and there is still much to do. There may be a variety of issues Trans* individuals face (including being misgendered / misnamed, discrimination including denial of service, and misunderstandings about what an individual Trans* person may want). There are also insurance issues (since an insurer may not understand why a man needs a pap smear), and some services may not be covered. The article then advocates for Project Health to help improve healthcare for Trans* individuals.

A world without tenure? That's a world without shared governance too
This was in a Chronicle of Higher Education daily digest email. This makes a point I have stated and feel is one of the major reasons for tenure - faculty governance. Tenure makes faculty governance possible, and given the position of faculty as experts in their field it should be the job of faculty to do a large number of university governance tasks. This article explains why this is the case. It also brings up other reasons for tenure (such as faculty taking risks).

Why women aren't people (but corporations are)
This article mocks yesterdays HORRIBLE Supreme Court decision allowing closely-held private companies to dictate whether or not their employees' insurance can cover contraception based on erroneous but sincerely-held beliefs about birth control and abortion. You can imagine from the title that it is quite amusing. Also worth checking out along these lines is a shirt being sold on Booster called "RBG - Fear the Frill" which is donating its proceeds to Planned Parenthood.
From @bakerbk

Mom finds surprising breastfeeding ally in teen barista at Starbucks
Being able to breastfeed in public is simply a non-brainer, yet some people seem to find weird excuses to attempt to stop it. This story is along the lines of the "You could move" advice column and the person of color getting moved to first class to be away from a racist who complained to the flight attendent that they were seated next to a person of color.

Elite labs hire more men than women
This article is simply more data on the barriers women face in science simply for being women. Systematic sexism is real in the STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) fields (along with other fields). This article specifically addresses biology, where even though women are the majority in graduate school, they are significantly underrepresented at further career milestones.

How safe are the bridges you use?
This article discusses how we badly need to be investing in repairing and updating our infrastructure, with up to 1 in 9 bridges being unsound alone.

European court upholds French ban on face viels
Apparently it isn't just the United States attacking women's rights and the freedom of religion for individuals. The European Court of Human Rights has made a decision that banning the face viel worn by some for religious regions is legal. The case concerned a woman who occassional wore one on her own decision. This decision is definitely disappointing.
I saw on an Amber Rehman column, who got it from this blog

Other Headlines
Navy gets its first female four-star admiral
Judge Judy finally hears case involving Grindr
Appeals court orders state [Indiana] to recognize one same-sex marriage
Posted on American Atheists Facebook Page

Posted on Governor Mark Dayton's Facebook Page. Note these only concern Minnesota.

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