24 June 2014

More Reasons to Read Al Jazeera America

As you may have seen in "The Current Cost of Investigating Welfare Fraud Isn't Worth It," I've really enjoyed seeing Al Jazeera America come online. I figured I would take a chance to both share a few articles I think are worth reading and advocate that you check out Al Jazeera America at the same time. Remember, we consume news from stations that are often owned by the same people, and media is ultimately owned by very few companies. Al Jazeera gives us a new media outlet, and that diversity is a good thing.

Opinion piece: Higher taxes do not kill jobs. (Note, I think this somewhat relates to the video I posted earlier about Why Minnesota Matters).

A startup sisterhood in Gaza.

Historic moment in Washington as transgender priest gives sermon.

First orangutan born through artificial insemination.

Buffer zones are next frontier of abortion fight.

I'm also going to toss in another Ebola article because I think people really need to be paying attention to this: West Africa Ebola crisis 'out of control.' And again, Doctors without Borders appears to have taken the lead on this.

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