04 December 2013

Maria Bello's "Coming Out as a Modern Family"

If you haven't read Maria Bello's New York Times piece, "Coming Out as a Modern Family," you should consider checking it out. While it is Maria's venue for a coming out, it also touches on points I think we forget or don't consider. It questions what partnership means, and illustrates that just because a romantic relationship ended before death doesn't mean it failed. If you want an idea of the piece:
"My feelings about attachment and partnership have always been that they are fluid and evolving. Jack’s father, Dan, will always be my partner because we share Jack. Dan is the best father and the most wonderful man I’ve known. Just because our relationship is nonsexual doesn’t make him any less of a partner. We share the same core values, including putting our son first. My more recent ex, Bryn, remains my partner because we share our activism. And Clare will always be my partner because she is also my best friend." 
Anyway, check it out.

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