02 September 2013

Wanted: University of Minnesota Undergrad Research Volunteers

Recruitment webpage | Poster pdf
If you are or know of an undergraduate at the University of Minnesota looking for research experience involving plants, evolutionary biology, or quantitative genetics, please contact me or pass on my information. I've made a webpage describing the opportunities, and am willing to sit down with people to discuss the opportunities. Committment will vary, and thus we should discuss it. Plants will need to go into the greenhouse in October (so there will be planting and censusing germination). We will have to keep an eye on the plants and when they begin to flower crosses will begin! Plants will be hand pollinated. There will be some indirect data to come out of this (how long they take to germinate, self-incompatibility), and the potential to collect more (size, number of heads, etc.), which could be analyzed by an undergraduate (potentially with my help). Plants represent populations from four different locations across Minnesota, so undergraduate mini-projects comparing the sites wouldn't be hard to set up, and self-incompatibility data will likely come as a nuissance to the crossing design anyway.There are also a number of papers I would like to discuss with anybody who joins on, and there is the potential to continue working on the project after this academic year if desired.

No experience is necessary, this is easily a starter experience for undergrads. I currently do not have money to take on undergrads, but there is the possibility of credit. Please visit this webpage for more information. Also, for a more fun, two-minute description of the project, check out this post.

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