04 April 2012

"Recommending the inclusion of Anti-Bias information in course syllabi"

Tonight I went to the last Purdue Student Government meeting of Session 11. It was a really fun meeting to attend. There were a number of bills - some serious, some recognition, and some humorous. I just want to briefly touch on two.

The first was my bill. Senator Rosenthal and I had talked a bit about trying to get bias reporting information (including the URL to the online bias reporting form) added to course syllabi. I think this is an important information for this kind of information to be. I don't think students know much about this policy, and I think many students don't think about these kinds of policies until they may need them. Thus having the bias reporting information in syllabi will increase the likelihood that a student has seen that information and can readily find it. I hope this is a step in getting people to start reporting incidents of bias. Without these incidents being reported, it is hard for campus to respond. I also think this shows Purdue's has some commitment to trying to work to be inclusive. I also feel that wider knowledge about these policies will make some students feel more comfortable. Students may realize a category they identify with is included, or just feel safer knowing there is a way to report if something does happen. I am overjoyed to be able to say that Purdue Student Senate unanimously approved this resolution.

The second bill I want to address briefly was the "Senator of the Year" resolution. This bill honored Senator David Rosenthal. I am happy that PSG chose to recognize him. It has been great working with him over the past year, and he has been involved in a number of resolutions that is and will help Purdue students.

I have a lot of respect for Purdue Student Government. I have been highly impressed, and during the past two years I feel that PSG has been exactly what a student government should be. They have room to grow, but I think they have blazed a fantastic trail. I am glad I have gotten to work with PSG through CORE, directly and indirectly on legislation, and through friendships.

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