22 March 2012

Attempted Exponent Opinion Concerning Krannert Vandalism

It has been a few weeks and I am thus pretty sure that my opinion concerning the race-based vandalism in Krannert is not going to be printed in the Purdue Exponent. I am thus going to post what I wrote here:

The recent event of race-based vandalism at Krannert comes as just another of many cases of bias incidents based on the categories covered in Purdue’s nondiscrimination policy. In 2008 there was another case of a highly reported and discussed race-based vandalism, that of the vandalism of the painted tree. Out of this event came something substantial – the fruition of CORE. The Council of Organizations for Respect and Equality have two senators on Purdue Student Government, and these senators have been vital to moving Purdue forward on issues of diversity and inclusion. 
I think this latest reported and discussed vandalism should also lead to something substantial, and that should be getting out the word about Purdue’s online bias reporting form. I am firmly of the belief that these events are not as rare as we would like to believe. We need to speak up. We need to stop accepting these events, as the vast majority of them are likely not reported. The Purdue community should not accept incidents of bias and discrimination. The first step in really stating that we do not accept these incidents is to get people to report when they happen. That requires the university actively advertising their bias reporting form, something I do not feel has been done adequately. Please Purdue, advertise the system. 
You can report an incident of bias at purdue.edu/stop-hate. This form can be filled out anonymously if you want. The events do not have to require follow-up, though they can. Purdue has policies concerning bias, let’s start using them. Please, report bias and discrimination.

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