24 January 2012

Exponent Opinion - Indiana Democrat Boycott

I wrote another opinion letter to the Exponent, Purdue's student newspaper, and it got printed today. I don't see it posted on the website yet, but sometimes they take a while to do so. It will appear on the Purdue Exponent Opinions page when posted. Here is what I said:

I would like to thank the Indiana Democrats who are boycotting the Indiana General Assembly. The job of an Indiana representative, from my understanding, is to represent and serve their constituents and the people of the state. The Indiana Democrats are thus doing their job, regardless of the rhetoric saying otherwise. They are doing their job in the only way they have left – outright boycott.

The Republicans have been steamrolling the Democrats and the people of Indiana. They are advancing a divisive agenda that hurts Indiana residents, and I am glad that the Democrats are standing up against this agenda. Enough is enough.

Indiana Republicans have pushed their agenda to its edges. Bills they have worked on include trying to ban same-sex couples from any level of legal representation by amending the Indiana constitution. The legislature also had a broad immigration policy that has worried many people, not just undocumented immigrants but also legal residents and even citizens about potential profiling. The education reform bill will serve to undermine our already under-resourced schools. The abortion issue has been pushed so far as to threaten the availability of contraceptives and STD testing for some people. Republicans have proposed bills to threaten science education and also to allow schools to mandate saying the Lord’s Prayer at the beginning of the day.

The Republican legislature has hit their full overreach – going after working people. Many people depend on unions, or benefit from their employers comparing pay and benefits to unionized businesses. Regardless of how you may feel about any one of these issues their summation goes to show that the Democratic representatives ARE doing their job. They are representing the people of Indiana who are being trampled.

Many of the bills I am referencing here I discuss in my post about Indiana's General Assembly hurting all of us.

The Exponent actually had opinion letters today, partially in reference to a horrible commentary yesterday by a climate change denier. Depending on how much attention that issue gets I may write another opinion letter (likely on how it is sad that it has become acceptable to deny science).

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