23 November 2011

Occupy Wall Street Ingenuity

The things that Occupy Wall Street has done is amazing me and I think it is fantastic. The fact that they set up a library, set it up quickly, and were so worried about it when the entire encampment was disrupted was unique by itself. The mic of the people is awesome, as is the fact that democracy is used to make decisions.

The movement keeps amazing me. I just saw that today that a Thanksgiving meal will be served at Occupy Wall Street. It flows so nicely from the idea! The fact that in the face of everything Occupy has been through, and our country has been through, that Occupy Wall Street has found a way to get food to its people and celebrate everything they are thankful for.

I think it is spectacular and shows the commitment to the cause. Occupy Wall Street gets another thumbs up from me! I also want to encourage everybody, regardless of your position, to remember all that we have to be thankful about. I also encourage people not to forget what we COULD have too. For today though, for Thanksgiving, let's remember even when it seems horrible we still have it far better than many people can ever hope for.

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