16 November 2011

In Response to a Few Gun Comments

Since I have already heard back on some of my post concerning guns on campus, I will add a few statements concerning those issues.

1) My case is primarily based on doubt. When you throw out statistics, some people will notice when they are flawed, or when you need to consider something further. Yes, a few campuses across the country allow this. However, the largest one made in the case for allowing guns on campus is Colorado State University. This campus is essentially half the size of ours. What is the impact of this scale different? Having lived in cities and towns of a few different sizes, believe me, the dynamics change as the size changes. Don't assume that because a small university or college can do it without repercussions that a large university can. When you increase the number of people in an area, a lot of the dynamics change.

2) I don't get why some people think guns have to be allowed everywhere. Sorry, there is plenty of reason to believe that reasonable restrictions (such as those involving public property) are allowed. No, the constitution doesn't explicitly say there can be exceptions, but it also doesn't explicitly say there can't be. In other spots it is clear about things. Look at religion. No room for exceptions. Second amendment, we get to go with the court there.

3) Just because residency will allow some additional people to have guns, that doesn't mean that everybody will, and people still have to get residency. You are thus still creating an unequal dynamic. Also, if people in the residence halls aren't allowed to have guns, you are partially surrendering your argument about reasonable restrictions not being allowed.

4) This is still a radical change. 32 universities out of hundreds does not make it common. Granted that doesn't make it wrong, but it makes it something new and still very uncertain. We thus have to approach it with a lot of caution, and thus my argument that the case must be airtight still stands.

5) Proponents say out of twelve universities there have not been any gun thefts. I find this a little hard to believe, but don't have the time to back check that so I won't argue that right now. What I will ask is where did your other 20 universities go? Did they have issues of gun theft, gun crimes, et cetera?

6) Finally, I still want to know what this will cost the university. That issue was not addressed at all.

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