26 April 2011

Queer at Purdue: AIDS Shout from Meredith

One thing I feel across the board people talk about at Purdue is getting yelled at from cars. If you are on Chauncey at night, regardless of who you are, it is going to happen. Even walking along State Street at night can often be like that. Getting yelled at from a car in the middle of the day is not nearly as common, as I think yet again most anybody would report. Being yelled at from dorm windows is even less common, and I have only experienced that once. Thus, I felt that would be appropriate for the second story I post about being Queer at Purdue.

Nathan and I were walking by Meredith holding hands. We frequently get yelled at when holding hands (I think we counted 11 times in less than two weeks and then we stopped keeping track). Most of them don’t really stick out in my head, but this one does. The people yelled from the window, “Have you got AIDS yet?”

If you have stories or anecdotes about being Queer at Purdue, consider passing them on. We can talk about a reasonable confidentiality in them. I will be collecting them, and I am pretty sure the Queer Student Union is starting to compile them. These stories are an important next step in moving forward on LGBTQ issues at Purdue.

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