28 April 2011

Director of LGBTQ Affairs

At Lavender Graduation it was announced that the search for Purdue's first Director of LGBTQ Affairs will begin this summer. It has taken a lot of work to get to this point, and I am excited to see things moving forward.

With that being said, our work still continues. We must continue to collect stories. We must continue to push for changes on campus. We still know the issues, and the Director has not been filled yet (and even once they are the students still play some role in activism). I also urge you not to think this thing is done. Purdue Student Government and Purdue Graduate Student Government both passed the Nondiscrimination Policy resolution unanimously, and it still took another unanimous passage, PSG invoking their policy proposing power, and several months to be achieved. I vote we celebrate and hold them to this.

For those of you who were around the last time we were close to a director, know that it is much more realistic this time than before. The accreditation report effectively said we need to hire one, and the students have built up a huge case for it. Dr. Exum has also joined Purdue, and she was part of the reason why the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill has theirs. Yet I also understand your skepticism, and will be joining you in a percentage of that until the position is filled and the person is on campus (btw, if the future director is reading this, schedule a meeting with me, please).

My advise is to celebrate this victory now. Then keep the work up. Confirm every step of the way that things are moving forward. Email them regularly until the job is posted and filled. I have great respect and trust for the people responsible for making this happen, but this is so hugely important to the lives of so many students that we have to keep track and make sure things move forward. I know I will on my own, and I hope QSU, NOGLSTP, and others will do so as well.

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