01 November 2010

Exponent Opinion on Survey & Election tomorrow

Another one of my opinions was published in the Exponent today. The Queer Student Union voted to make the opinion from us as an organization. It can be found here, just scroll down some.

I am proud to live in West Lafayette where Gender Identity and Expression is covered by the Human Relations Ordinance, and hopefully in December Purdue University will also include Gender Identity and Expression in its Nondiscrimination Policy. There is still a lot of work to be done beyond these policies though, and I hope things will continue to move forward. Purdue needs to fix its paperwork to stop suggesting that there are only two sexes/genders at this university. Purdue needs to hire a Director of LGBTQ Affairs (change.org even has a petition for it!). Purdue needs to have more gender neutral bathrooms (a map of single use bathrooms can be found here, notice the appalling number that are still segregated). Hopefully one day in the future it will be able to have gender neutral housing (I think it is a legal issue currently though :( ). If you want a list of the tip of the iceberg for Purdue to fix their policies, please read the LGBTQ Advisory Board's white paper here. Purdue also really needs to better advertise its Bias Reporting Procedures (and QSU is going to start trying to play a role here).

Anyway, I think that is enough of a rant now.


I also want to quickly say a word about the election as well. Tomorrow are midterm elections, and I encourage all of those who are registered to vote to get out there and vote. I also urge you to consider voting Democrat. If you are here in Indiana, I think voting for Brad Ellsworth over Dan Coats is just a no-brainer. Overall though, I think the national discussion clearly shows the Republicans are going crazy. They are fighting for things like not letting the Bush tax cuts expire for the wealthiest Americans, yet say they are anti-deficit. How can one be anti-deficit along with pro-war? How is it acceptable to spend trillions on war but not on the well-being of the people in our country? What is even more laughable is how anti-stimulus Republicans are when a Democrat is president, but practically ignore it when a Republican is president. Also, by the way, the private sector has seen job growth, and a lot of the job loss is in the public sector.

While the Democrats may not have gotten through many of the policies that we would like to see (A climate bill, immigration reform, DOMA repeal, DADT repeal), many of these policies have been completely blockaded by Republicans, and Democrats have only been in power for around two years. Republicans even fought to blockage policies that were just no brainers like extending unemployment benefits. Unemployment benefits are one of the best forms of economic stimulus because it gives money to people who need it and are just down on their luck. Instead, Republicans want to put more money in the hands of the rich.