11 April 2010

A Peak at My Dreams

There are certain commonalities in my dreams, and so I just wanted to give people a peak at them. The other night I had a dream that I remember somewhat well, and so I thought it would be a good example of one of my dreams. They tend to deal with some opposing force (often times societally apocalyptic), often with me and a group of people working to help advance society (even if it is in a small, underground form).

This dream, for some reason, had me on a quest to find out the primary sexual orientations (of which all others are derived). In order to figure this out I had to go find some drag witches (allusion to the Fates?). They lived across the town, in a huge marble house. I made it there, and they were sitting in a sort of marble, iron, and glass sun-room. There were three of them (yet again, strengthening the case that they deal with the Fates. Yes, I did see Clash of the Titans recently, so it may be from there). The drag witches were very clear to list the four of the primary sexual orientations - lesbian/gay, bisexual, straight, and asexual. They then began to argue over whether the fifth was a sort of complex, esoteric orientation, or if it dealt with humanity having three main genders hardwired into us, or if it was something like demisexuality. It was decided that gay/lesbian dealt with attraction to the same gender, straight dealt with attraction to a different gender (regardless of which one(s) it is), and bisexual deals with attraction to all genders. It was also decided that omnisexuality and pansexuality are derived from bisexuality and that demisexuality (no sexual attraction until one is in a relationship) is derived from asexuality and demiasexuality (loss of sexual attraction when one gets in a relationship) is merely a form of other sexualities. Finally there was some sort of magical epiphany that the fifth primary sexual orientation is autosexual (This dealing with a sexuality based around oneself).

For some reason knowing the five primary sexual orientations made me a target, and the drag warlocks (I am guessing this comes from watching Charmed). I left the drag witches' house, and crossed a bridge. The drag warlocks tried to get me running across their lawn from a fraternity-like brick building. I then woke up.

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