27 April 2010

Episcopalians and the LGBTQ Community

Last Thursday, Mario Melendez (President of the Episcopal Student Association), Reverend Charles Allen (Episcopal Priest at Grace Unlimited), and myself (as Vice President of the Queer Student Union) wrote a Guest Commentary for the Exponent entitled, "Some religions do love, accept LGBTQ community." This commentary was partly a part of the dialog on how religion needs to come to accept the LGBTQ community, and an advertisement for our "Ask A Priest" event in which people could ask questions about the LGBTQ community and the Episcopal Church. The Episcopal Church is a very Queer-friendly church, and has instrumental in global LGBTQ rights (see Reverend Desmond Tutu's article). While I am personally an Atheist, I recognize the importance of the Episcopal Church, and really feel it is an open and uplifting place. I rather enjoyed the event, and thought it was very enlightening for myself as a Non-Christian as well as the Christians in attendance.

Anyway, today we got our first counter opinion. I think it hit Mario a little stronger than it hit me. Probably for multiple reasons (His church was pretty much called a wolf-in-sheep's-clothing,  his beliefs are being corrupted into something evil by this person, I am somewhat desensitized to religious attacks on sexuality, et cetera). Anyway, I will add a link to the opinion when it is uploaded onto the Purdue Exponent's website.

I also want to comment that people need to be aware that as anti-LGBTQ sentiments become more fringe, those who hold them will become more radical (as they have been). These people are trying to protect their bigotry through any mode they have (religion, pseudoscience, liesvandalism, hate crimes, et cetera). Do not feed the trolls. We must show what LGBTQ issues are about - our bodies, our rights, our dignity, our love.

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