11 January 2010

Creepiest Elevator Contest Soon!

Recently, on my Twitter/Facebook status (the two are synced), I stated, "Nominates the elevator near the Lily greenhouses for 'Creepiest Elevator in the World.'" This status got a few comments along the lines of "it is," "it is not that bad," and other anecdotes. Due to this, I have decided that I should hold a Creepiest Elevator Contest right here on this blog. The problem is - I need to develop some rules.

So, ideas? So far one of my former classmates has commented that stairwells should be included or at least given honorable mention. This lead me to wonder about something such as a dumbwaiter. What do people think? Should I require pictures? Anecdotes? Quotes from others? Should this be open to stairwells and dumbwaiters (and if so where does this end?)? How should it be judged (me, poll, guidelines?)? Should this elevator have been seen in real life? etc?

So, please, blast me with ideas, information, and the likes. You can comment on this blog, my Facebook status, or email me ( Genesjockey (at) GMail (dot) Com ). I will then try to compile a list of rules. Also, please tell me if I can release your name with the idea/rule.


  1. How about "creepiest places at Purdue?" I can think of quite a few.

  2. How about different areas to be judged, like at... at a dog show. And then the winners from each breed can be put into the final competition for 'best in show,' which would be the all-time creepiest place on campus.
    Also, I think Purdue and surrounding areas should be alright, since I think the wider range you have the more/better entries you'll receive.