04 December 2009

Sometimes I Feel Like I Live in Grand Central Station

Sometimes, certain phrases just catch us. Lady Gaga has stated that her song "Telephone" is about the Suffocation Monster, and this semester is one where this monster just seems to hit me. This semester has been hard on me, in spite of everything pointing otherwise, and the reason for the difficulty is that it has caused me to question myself, specifically what I want. It seems that there are a lot of plans for me, and I almost feel that the rejection of my Personal Development Plan (A program rejected my plan for the program due to its format) was an embodiment of how I have been feeling. Blaringly good things have happened, but they all get drowned out.

The song "Telephone" repeats, "Stop calling, stop calling, I don't want to think anymore," and this brings to mind a lot of different issues. Mainly, it pulls up in my mind the setbacks that have overshadowed the positives. The radicals trying to impose their bigoted, anti-family ideas of a hetero-exclusive society know they are losing. Because of this lose, crazy people have come out of the woodwork. The fact that hate crime rates have risen is by itself an indicator of these crazies appearing. Watching the Queer Stream Media since the expansion of the hate crimes bill has been a painful chore. One of the most notable hate crimes is the murder of a Gay Puerto Rican teen. He was decapitated and burned because he was Gay. This incident is too sickening to really even discuss, as the details are like those in the Matthew Shepard murder. Nobody can doubt this was a hate crime.

Unfortunately, the Queer victories have been overshadowed by huge losses. "Don't Ask Don't Tell" repeal problems and the lack of action by the Obama Administration on DADT and DOMA have overshadowed the hate crime protections. The passage of Referendum 71 ("All but Marriage" in Washington State) was a huge victory showing that domestic partnerships can win, but it was overshadowed by Question 1 (outlawing equal marriage in Maine). Now, marriage equality in Washington DC is overshadowed by the lose in New York. (Going to toss in a link to Jen's blog post over at Blag Hag because I feel it is worth reading).

Here at Purdue, rhetorical statements against LGBTQ people have expanded. Beyond the whole Bert Chapman incident, a person from Illinois feels it is warrented to write in to the Exponent and call same-sex/gender attraction a disorder! Yet these people are being combated, as more people step up and state that these bigots are wrong. A commentary was recently published discussing how Purdue is behind the other Big Ten Universities in Queer issues. Yet, at least I know I, have let these great steps be overshadowed by the radicals. I forget that the radicals know they are losing, and thus lashing out. I also forget that the radicals know, deep down inside, that what they are doing is wrong.

Last night, Nathan and I watched the movie Latter Days. The movie concerned a gay Mormon. What was done to this guy because he was gay was atrocious, and difficult to watch. It was difficult knowing that in a few decades time the Mormon Church will have opened its doors to Gays and Lesbians (I believe the Catholic Church will as well and is already taking silent steps in that direction, but that is a statement for another time). The mother of the Gay Mormon knew what she was doing was wrong (in looking down upon her son being Gay). One could tell in how she acted that she knew she was wrong, yet she kept doing it. I think a lot of those crazies are like that now. American Churches are endorsing a bill in Uganda that would execute Gays and Lesbians. How crazy can they be? How much more radical and wrong could a person possibly be? Yet these people feel that they are violating god if they question this religion. To be honest, if there is a god, she is sick and tired of these bigots doing this in her name! (Brings to mind the Lily Allen song "Him").

The victories of 2009 have been overshadowed by the loses. We (society) must remember that these crazies are not gaining power, they are just losing. They are backed into a corner and are being faced with a mirror. And for that they will murder, and for that they will fight, but they will lose. They will lose because they are wrong.

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  1. From a song-writing point of view, it's a terrible lyric, isn't it? Doesn't even scan properly.