31 December 2009

00s Out, 10s In

New Decade, big changes.

The 2000s brought about big changes, and I predict even more changes in the 2010s. During the 2000s I turned 18, I graduated high school. I had my first date, first boyfriend. I started college, and I saw a lot of history (much of which affects me personally). I saw close elections, 9/11, the first Black American president, a huge leap in the deficit, same-sex marriage begin its rise, hate crime protection for LGBTQ, euthanasia become legal in three states (just today one joined!), and I saw computers LEAP.

Predictions that affect me personally for the next decade - marriage equality increases globally, creationist become fringe (like flat Earthers). I will get my BS, maybe a few more degrees.

And now to post this before the ball hits.

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