06 November 2009

Sometimes, lots of things happen! Part III

As lots could go into the next three posts, the following are the contents:
- Bigoted Purdue Professor
- Lady Gaga
- Humans versus Zombies



Humans versus Zombies (zombie tag) has made it to Purdue's campus! The game started Tuesday and goes until Saturday (when the final mission occurs).

Of course, I had to get converted into a zombie on the first day. I was turned near SC and CL50, on my way from WTHR to Smith.

The Exponent has, of course, included a comic for the occasion:

You see, humans wear their bandanna around their arm, and zombies around their forehead (or neck if they are stunned - which occurs when shot with a nerf gun or clean socks). When a human is converted, they have to give an ID number to the zombie, who enters it into the computer. Zombies then have to feed ever 48 hours, and each human feeds 3 zombies.

It has been a lot of fun. The final mission is to stop the people who have hidden in their rooms the entire time. Basically, humans have to get to an extraction point to get airlifted to safety as the idea is the invasion will be bombed.

Zombies have finally passed humans in numbers, but it has gotten really hard to get humans. Luckily, most zombies have been fed so that we won't starve our by Saturday. More later, but here are a few pictures.

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