06 November 2009

Sometimes lots of things happen! Part II

As lots could go into the next three posts, the following are the contents:
- Bigoted Purdue Professor
- Lady Gaga
- Humans versus Zombies


A Celebration of Queer Culture to Ensure:
Lady Gaga

Yes, that is from today's Exponent. It is official, Lady Gaga is coming to Purdue!

Of course, her visit means a complete and total celebration of Queer culture. Camping out in the Stewart Center under the Pride Flag, singing all of the songs a zillion times, and general enjoying the amazingness that is Lady Gaga.

Also, in honor of this occasion, here is my favorite Lady Gaga video. My favorite outfit she has worn is of course the gyroscope:

Anyway, Lady Gaga's shocking style has resonated in many here in Purdue's Queer Community. She has also taken many steps in helping the fight for Queer Equality, claiming that one of the biggest events of her career was speeching at the National Equality March. She often thanks god and the gays for where she has gotten. Lady Gaga even posed for a major Gay magazine - OUT:

Seeing Lady Gaga will be AMAZING, and I am super pumped!

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