06 November 2009

Sometimes, lots of things happen! Part I

As lots could go into the next three posts, the following are the contents:
- Bigoted Purdue Professor
- Lady Gaga
- Humans versus Zombies


Bigots for Professors

Bert Chapman, a "professor" of Library Science, has posted a very homophobic blog post about his supposed "economic case against homosexuality." Several student blogs have picked up on this story, and basically point out how the professor is a) not using facts at all, b) bigoted, and c) out of line. You can read some of the other posts at Blag Hag, Boilercrat Junction, The Dark Matter Effect, and Politics and Puck. The blog has also been picked up on national gay blogs, most notable Queerty. LGBTLife on Twitter had multiple tweets about this incident.

The professor is blatantly incorrect. The information is incredibly easy to find. And besides, even if some of his points are true that doesn't make them right. I am sure companies could save money if they didn't give insurance benefits to interracial couples or non-Christian couples, but that doesn't make it okay.

Three Opinions Page of the Exponent has printed three so far (1, 2, and 3 are all listed in that one link).

Stay tuned for the next posts today!...

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