09 November 2009

Bert Chapman Opinion

In an attempt to not undermine any actions being taken by anybody dealing with Bert Chapman (see my previous post on the topic here), the QSU board has decided against having any board member submit an opinion to the Exponent on the topic, however we are allowed to use our own private blogs. Here is what I would send in (trimmed to the 300 word limit) were I to send in an opinion on the topic. Note that this is a response to the second set of opinions on Bert Chapman which state that he was fine in what he did (this opinion and this opinion).


Professor Chapman's blog post was inaccurate. He starts his argument with HIV-AIDS. Unfortunately, he never got the memo that HIV-AIDS is not an exclusively gay disease. HIV is the Human Immunodeficiency Virus, not the Gay Immunodeficiency Virus. HIV-AIDS is also spread by more than just sexual contact. As for the tainted blood supply comment, Gay men have been blocked from donating blood in the US since 1983. Whether or not gay men are able to donate is not going to stop HIV blood testing, precisely because HIV-AIDS is not a gay disease.

It is also interesting that Professor Chapman was unaware of the ease of finding prison rape statistics. I am kind of curious how a professor of library science is unable to find this information. This rings bells of Kevin Casimer's economic argument against librarians.

As for arguing that domestic partner benefits are a further example of how gays and lesbians hurt the economy, I would like to bring up the recent event of an interracial couple being denied marriage. I am certain that money could be saved by not allowing interracial couples to get family insurance benefits, but that does not make that denial acceptable. One could save a large sum of money if all Christians were denied family insurance benefits - does that make it okay?

It is interesting that Professor Chapman chooses to argue against gays and lesbians based on an economic case. Commissions studying the potential economic impact of same-sex marriage in New Jersey and New York have concluded that the economy would benefit from equal marriage. Massachusetts has also claimed an economic gain from equalizing marriage.

Professor Chapman's blog might be using sarcasm to point out why gays and lesbians should be afforded equal rights, as his claims are inaccurate and overstated.


Somewhat in relation to this, Sunday, November 15th, starting at 1:00pm will be an AIDS walk. The walk is starting at the Gold Fields (across from the Co-Rec) on Third Street, and will be a 2 mile walk. $5 is the minimum donation, and there will be free snacks and refreshments. This is hosted by the African Student Association.

Here is a map of the world distorted by HIV-AIDS. I think it has quite an impact on its own.

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  1. That's an excellent response. I've wondered myself whether Chapman wasn't making some sort of Swiftian "modest proposal", since his idea was based solely on his opinion and completely devoid of facts. As a librarian, Chapman has access to research materials and training in how to use them. That makes it especially surprising that he didn't do any research to back up his claims. He simply stated what he'd like to believe is true.