12 November 2009

Bert Chapman - Growing

Note - If you want a quick, balanced statement, I would advise the Indy Star article or the FOX 59 video. Also, the local LGBTQ Organizations have issued a statement.

Earlier Updates: 2:34-12Nov, 10:13-12Nov, 10:30-12Nov, 11:05-12Nov, 11:13-12Nov, 11:59-12Nov, 12:03-13Nov, 4:45-13Nov, 9:17-13Nov
Edit @ 11:55am on 14Nov - Queerty Article #2
Edit @ 10:12am on 16Nov - 365 Gay (maintained by LOGO), Exponent Commentary 1 and 2, statement of local organizations
Edit @ 4:08pm on 16Nov - NYU student newspaper and QSU blog
Edit @ 6:04pm on 16Nov - Academic Librarian
Edit @ 12:42pm on 17Nov - Exponent printed LGBTQ Organization statement, Politics and Puck, and Phi Beta Cons

I don't have time to type up all of what is going on, but know that the Indy Star and Fox 59 have both been doing interviews. QSU board media ban has stopped me from talking, but statements have been made by others. Also, QSU signed onto CCR's press release which will occur soon.

Other than that, I thought it best for all those blogging about this situation to bring all of the links I know of together.

The Blog That Started It All

Student Blogs
Me 1
Me 2
Boilercrat Junction 1
Boilercrat Junction 2
Boilercrat Junction 3
Boilercrat Junction 4
Politics and Puck 1
Politics and Puck 2
Politics and Puck 3
Politics and Puck 4
Politics and Puck 5
Politics and Puck 6
The Dark Matter Effect
Blag Hag
Waking Up Now
Justin Harter

Academic Blogs
Academic Librarian

National LGBTQ Media
Queerty 1
Queerty 2
Joe My God
Victoria Advocate (Texas)
LGBTLife on twitter
Back 2 Stonewall
The Advocate
365 Gay

National Media - Other
Everyday Christian
Phi Beta Con (National Review Column)

National Higher Education Media and Other University Newspapers
Inside Higher Ed
NYU Local

National Newspapers
Chicago Tribune (AP article)
United Press International
USA Today (National)
Baltimore Sun (Maryland)

Indiana Newspapers

WTHR (Indianapolis)
FOX 59 (Including QRC in the video)
WSBT2 (South Bend, IN)

Opinions 1
Opinions 2 - 1
Opinions 2 - 2
Opinions 2 - 3
Opinions 3 - Librarians support all members of Purdue Community (I would like to note that the College of Agriculture Librarian is on that list - Marianne Stowell Bracke. Plant Biology is in the College of Agriculture, so I wanted to note that!)
Commentary 1
Opinions 4
Opinions 5
Unpublished Opinions 1
Unpublished Opinions 2
Commentary 2
Commentary 3

Protest Event
Facebook Group

Official Statements
LGBTQ Organizations of the Lafayette Area (on QSU's blog here) (in the Exponent) (in Politics and Puck)


  1. It's been interesting to watch this grow. Haven't had time to be all activist-y, but thanks for keeping civil :)

  2. FYI the google cache page apparently refreshed/expired so your link to the 'Original' Chapman entry is no longer accurate. I have posted text of the original entry on my blog, and will eventually host either my printed copy in scanned form, or upload the file of the original I saved.

  3. Also, I did a live on-air interview with nationally syndicated radio show 'The Michael Smerconish Program' about the issue.

  4. the article made it to print in the south bend tribune