09 October 2009

The Tenth Letter on Jed

Today, I open up the Exponent to find the last opinion on the Non-Theist Society's protest. It presents the same kind of arguments the other anti-Brother Jed protesting opinions presents. There is just one problem, it is in response to Jennifer's argument published the same day as mine. So, Michael Ebert feels hurt that Brother Jed's version of Christianity was mocked, even if that Christian message was homophobic, racist, et cetera? Is a homophobic, racist, prejudice message then okay if it is masked as religion? Is racism and homophobia exempt from criticism if it is under the guise of religion?

Apparently Blasphemy Day was also wrong (which is the first bad response to it I have heard yet). During this event, ANYBODY could write on some posters whatever they liked without fear of censorship. For some reason this alienates theists (I clearly remember many theist messages on those posters, but you can see for yourself here). I don't understand how it alienates theists (could somebody explain?). Sometimes I think the people writing these letters don't know what is going on, they just react to what they see the Exponent publishing. 

This series of letters has hit the maximum. It does say something about checking online though, and so I probably will watch that some. Sad that epople clearly missing the reason for the counter-protest was the last letter.

I think we need a reminder of what occurred, so here is the video. Note the very homophobic slurs caught on film here. (I am the one in tye dye).

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