06 October 2009

Brother Jed Blitz!

On Monday I got published (my article here) in the Exponent (Purdue's Student Newspaper) for a piece I wrote in response to this letter. A lot of responses to the Josh Phillips article have started to be published, two more editorials being published (here and here).

My editorial has been meantioned on two blogs that I have seen (here and here). In the QRC I have a response tree detailing all of the responses so far to these articles, which is the picture on this post. I am wondering if a response to my article will be published - we shall see!

Below is an explanation of the response tree:

Two articles started this - one that Brother Jed came and the other about the Society of Non-Theist's Pastafarian Preaching. There was one response directly to the Brother Jed article, which was because they were sad for missing Jed. Three responses were directly to the Pastafarian Preaching, all negative. One of these, by Josh Phillips, has had three responses (including mine) all positive.

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