07 October 2009

Brother Jed Blitz II

Yet another opinion of mine has gotten into Purdue's Exponent (my first, and by far stronger of the two here). Compared to my last it is not very strong, and I honestly only wrote it because my last one had not gotten in yet and there seemed to be TONS of Anti-Non-Theist opinions. Also today were two other Pro-Non-Theist article (here and here).

Of course this further expands the response tree (Note, after reading a blog one of the connections were rerouted). I am pretty sure that only one or two more letters will be allowed on this subject (there is a ten letter limit, and according to my arrangement there have been nine [not counting the one relating to missing Brother Jed's appearance]).

More to come when more occurs!


  1. I love that tree! If the Non-Theists had an office, we'd totally do that.

    Lovely editorials, by the way. I had a huge grin on my face reading yours today.

  2. Thank you so much! I am glad you like both the editorials and the response tree.

    Has the Society of Non-Theist ever filled out the request for student office space? I don't know if they have space now, and the size of our space is a consolation prize from past activism, but I wonder what your chances are like.