15 October 2009

Anti-Religion, Church-Endorsed Signs


A church on campus has a sign on the Memorial Mall (here at Purdue) asking people what they hate about religion. I added the first gay line, "Love between two adults should not be looked down upon," and now there are a few more. There are also a lot of others about being judgmental and such. Another I kind of want to add is, "Evolution is real," or "The Flying Spaghetti Monster is the one true god."

You might want to know that a church is doing this to better understand why people dislike religion. Maybe another pro-gay ministry will occur on campus (So far there are the Episcopal Church, Wesleyan Foundation, and the Unitarian Universalist Church that I know of.). Anyway, I love the idea. I hope it goes well and hope lots appears in the Exponent.

Of course, somebody has now shown up to protest. He has a sign stating, "I love Jesus because..." I of course added, "It is okay to be gay." Later I will see what else is added :D Anyway, I LOVE it. (I think I just love religious protests).

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