15 October 2009

Anti-Religion, Christian-Endorsed Board

http://photos-e.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc1/hs241.snc1/8827_1246225679032_1331100509_697149_6364643_n.jpgToday, on the way back to the Queer Resource Center from lunch, I saw the sign above (with a lot fewer words then). The sign of course states, "I hate religion because..." I wrote, "because love between adults should not be looked down upon." Apparently, a few of my other friends have also written pro-gay messages on the board now, which makes me happy. Anyway...

I walked back by the sign a few times (and added, "evolution is undeniable."). I then proceeded to talk to one of the people with the board for about half an hour. It is for a Christian organization (not a church like I previously thought). I got a flier for the event they are doing around this. It is called "Jesus Without Religion" (Will occur October 15 @ 7:00pm in Mathews 304). [He also gave me his contact information to talk more. We of course talked about my religious background, and how they have small groups that sit and talk about what Jesus himself said. I will probably email him asking what translation of the Bible he prefers.]

Anyway, apparently they want to learn more about the qualms people have with their religion. They expected the hypocrisy, oppressive, and hate messages. I think this is a very noble idea, as trying to improve one's community is important. I commended this project multiple times, and wanted to know more about follow up on it (there is not going to be too much though :( ). The Exponent did not send a reporter, but I am sure this will decorate the Opinions page (in which I will certainly send my input! In defense of asking for criticism to improve one's community. Of course I will defend the pro-gay statements too).


As a side note, there was a protester for a very short while. He had a sign saying, "I love Jesus because..." I added, "It's okay to be gay." Anyway, he was gone before I could look back :(



Edit: There is a picture of the counter protester.  You see the marked out bit, that is my comment ("It is okay to be gay"). That makes me sad that it was marked out :( Really? Why? To confirm the many comments about disliking religion because of its anti-gay aspects?

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