15 October 2009

Anti-Religion, Christian-Endorsed Board

http://photos-e.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc1/hs241.snc1/8827_1246225679032_1331100509_697149_6364643_n.jpgToday, on the way back to the Queer Resource Center from lunch, I saw the sign above (with a lot fewer words then). The sign of course states, "I hate religion because..." I wrote, "because love between adults should not be looked down upon." Apparently, a few of my other friends have also written pro-gay messages on the board now, which makes me happy. Anyway...

I walked back by the sign a few times (and added, "evolution is undeniable."). I then proceeded to talk to one of the people with the board for about half an hour. It is for a Christian organization (not a church like I previously thought). I got a flier for the event they are doing around this. It is called "Jesus Without Religion" (Will occur October 15 @ 7:00pm in Mathews 304). [He also gave me his contact information to talk more. We of course talked about my religious background, and how they have small groups that sit and talk about what Jesus himself said. I will probably email him asking what translation of the Bible he prefers.]

Anyway, apparently they want to learn more about the qualms people have with their religion. They expected the hypocrisy, oppressive, and hate messages. I think this is a very noble idea, as trying to improve one's community is important. I commended this project multiple times, and wanted to know more about follow up on it (there is not going to be too much though :( ). The Exponent did not send a reporter, but I am sure this will decorate the Opinions page (in which I will certainly send my input! In defense of asking for criticism to improve one's community. Of course I will defend the pro-gay statements too).


As a side note, there was a protester for a very short while. He had a sign saying, "I love Jesus because..." I added, "It's okay to be gay." Anyway, he was gone before I could look back :(



Edit: There is a picture of the counter protester.  You see the marked out bit, that is my comment ("It is okay to be gay"). That makes me sad that it was marked out :( Really? Why? To confirm the many comments about disliking religion because of its anti-gay aspects?

Anti-Religion, Church-Endorsed Signs


A church on campus has a sign on the Memorial Mall (here at Purdue) asking people what they hate about religion. I added the first gay line, "Love between two adults should not be looked down upon," and now there are a few more. There are also a lot of others about being judgmental and such. Another I kind of want to add is, "Evolution is real," or "The Flying Spaghetti Monster is the one true god."

You might want to know that a church is doing this to better understand why people dislike religion. Maybe another pro-gay ministry will occur on campus (So far there are the Episcopal Church, Wesleyan Foundation, and the Unitarian Universalist Church that I know of.). Anyway, I love the idea. I hope it goes well and hope lots appears in the Exponent.

Of course, somebody has now shown up to protest. He has a sign stating, "I love Jesus because..." I of course added, "It is okay to be gay." Later I will see what else is added :D Anyway, I LOVE it. (I think I just love religious protests).

09 October 2009

The Tenth Letter on Jed

Today, I open up the Exponent to find the last opinion on the Non-Theist Society's protest. It presents the same kind of arguments the other anti-Brother Jed protesting opinions presents. There is just one problem, it is in response to Jennifer's argument published the same day as mine. So, Michael Ebert feels hurt that Brother Jed's version of Christianity was mocked, even if that Christian message was homophobic, racist, et cetera? Is a homophobic, racist, prejudice message then okay if it is masked as religion? Is racism and homophobia exempt from criticism if it is under the guise of religion?

Apparently Blasphemy Day was also wrong (which is the first bad response to it I have heard yet). During this event, ANYBODY could write on some posters whatever they liked without fear of censorship. For some reason this alienates theists (I clearly remember many theist messages on those posters, but you can see for yourself here). I don't understand how it alienates theists (could somebody explain?). Sometimes I think the people writing these letters don't know what is going on, they just react to what they see the Exponent publishing. 

This series of letters has hit the maximum. It does say something about checking online though, and so I probably will watch that some. Sad that epople clearly missing the reason for the counter-protest was the last letter.

I think we need a reminder of what occurred, so here is the video. Note the very homophobic slurs caught on film here. (I am the one in tye dye).

07 October 2009

Brother Jed Blitz II

Yet another opinion of mine has gotten into Purdue's Exponent (my first, and by far stronger of the two here). Compared to my last it is not very strong, and I honestly only wrote it because my last one had not gotten in yet and there seemed to be TONS of Anti-Non-Theist opinions. Also today were two other Pro-Non-Theist article (here and here).

Of course this further expands the response tree (Note, after reading a blog one of the connections were rerouted). I am pretty sure that only one or two more letters will be allowed on this subject (there is a ten letter limit, and according to my arrangement there have been nine [not counting the one relating to missing Brother Jed's appearance]).

More to come when more occurs!

06 October 2009

Brother Jed Blitz!

On Monday I got published (my article here) in the Exponent (Purdue's Student Newspaper) for a piece I wrote in response to this letter. A lot of responses to the Josh Phillips article have started to be published, two more editorials being published (here and here).

My editorial has been meantioned on two blogs that I have seen (here and here). In the QRC I have a response tree detailing all of the responses so far to these articles, which is the picture on this post. I am wondering if a response to my article will be published - we shall see!

Below is an explanation of the response tree:

Two articles started this - one that Brother Jed came and the other about the Society of Non-Theist's Pastafarian Preaching. There was one response directly to the Brother Jed article, which was because they were sad for missing Jed. Three responses were directly to the Pastafarian Preaching, all negative. One of these, by Josh Phillips, has had three responses (including mine) all positive.

05 October 2009


My letter to the editor