03 September 2009

In the Beginning

The first blog post is like the first page of a new journal. What in the world does one write on such a thing?


So (Yes, I start a lot of sentences with so, deal with it), the day started off in what is probably a bad way - 7:30 Chem Lab (Why did I schedule that thing?!). Of course, I have to spill chemicals on me and fill out an accident form, but at least we finished (and it only took two and three quarters hours! /sarcasm).

After Chem Lab I got to see my boyfriend for a few hours :-DD! (This smiley is refereed to as the "Ultra-Happy Face of DOOM"). It was his birthday, which was great (I got him 700 Russian Rubles). I didn't have much time though as I had to print off a paper, and then run to my honors class - Insects in Art, Literature, and Music (which is fantastic by the way!).

Then, I got to play battleship - botanist style. My professor thought it would take two days, but it only took three hours (The plants are tres cute, I may have to post pictures). After which I went to FEELS (Food, Environmental, Engineering, and Life Science Fellowship by the National Science Foundation) class.

Then, it was time to put on my Vice President of the Queer Student Union hat. I did a lot of the coordination for the Big Gay Callout (Nicholas means "Chicken running around with its head cut off" in some language, I am certain!). It went great. We had almost one hundred fifty people, and the Coffee Night following blew our previous attendance figures out of the water (I still don't know a final count, but 71 was the last number I heard). I have to say that our officers this year are fantastic. I only have to ask them to do something and they will, which is excellent because VP is more work than it sounds!


All of the above comes together to finally form this - the blog I have been saying I would start. You see, I was a little worn out, and after a shower I finally felt the urge to start. I knew that my blog would be named, "The Walls Line the Void," because I feel that is what I do. The world is chaotic, but out of the chaos we have found order (pseudo-order? culturated order?). We have built up our lives, our societies, our cultures, and our ideas. We have essentially lined the great void with walls (and don't take this in a negative sense. We humans have plenty of room to add on in the void!). This house that we have built in the void has plenty of work to be done, and we humans will have to get hopping, but that is why we are all on this ride (that we call life?).