24 September 2009

GIDEONS and Vernal Pool Plants, OH MY!

I have been slowly building a religious text library. While I have the one true religious book - The Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster - I have decided to show that the best way to show that Pastafarians are probably right is to have a ton of religious texts. Those religious texts must also be free (so that we can call them pillaged).

Earlier this week the Gideons came to campus, and I played the Gideon Bible game. I ended up with 21 of the Gideon Bibles. They are the New King James translation. I will probably end up bulk donating them to Purdue's Non-theist Society so I can make sure they go for something moral and secular (I will of course keep one).

The other texts in the collection include a New International Version Bible, which I got from the freebiblenow.org guys when Brother Jed (hate-preacher. See the counter-protest accounts here and here) was here. I also have a translated copy of the Quran, and a Book of Mormon. Nathan's interlinear Greek Bible is included, though he will take it back sooner or later.

All of these religious texts will go to good, moral, secular use.


I have been helping Dr. Nancy Emery do some research here at Purdue. Today I measured the leaves of the vernal pool plants which are living in a glorified fridge. Thought people would like to see their cuteness :D One of the plants has a REALLY deep purple color, though the camera on my phone fails to capture it.

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