10 September 2009

Computer Conversion

Oh computers, and how much they change. I can remember my first computers. My Dad was into gaming on computers way back when, and so ever since I was little there have always been computers in the house. When I was in preschool I used to play on an old MS-DOS machine, and sometimes the Windows 3.0 machine. The first computer that was actually mine was the Windows 95, and it was great. Lasted FOREVER until I got an XP tower, which then became one of those computers that gets upgraded every year for Christmas (Sidenote, this desktop is in the process of dying. I am pretty sure the harddrive is going out, and it is just too old to be worth replacing the parts that would have to be replaced).

During my senior year, around April, I got an Acer TravelMate 5720 (running XP, a real OS) as an early graduation present. It has been a great computer. I have done some upgrading (Memory from 1 GB to 4 GB being the main one). It has an Intel Core 2 Duo processor that is 2.00 GHz, and it has treated me well.

Unfortunately, Microsoft produced this trash called Vista (I think it was too many big named software developers trying to outdo each other so much they made trash. And while you personally may not think it is trash, it undeniably flopped). Anyway, Microsoft stopped selling their best OS ever - XP. Now, Windows 7 has come(ing) out. While Windows 7 is not as clunky as Vista (What was it - twice the computer to do half as much with Vista), it is still clunky and Microsoft is going in the wrong direction. This is the same thing Apple did when Microsoft got big, and there is definitely a trend to Mac now (I think it is good that they pass back and forth though).

Anyway, I knew this Acer would be my last PC, but I did not realize that Microsoft would so actively try to kill XP (trying to kill a good thing? What is wrong with them! They should enhance their amazingness with XP and ditch this new direction). So, now I have decided that I finally need to take the plunge and buy a Mac. Honestly, the only thing stopping me is money. While Macs have become comparable to PCs in price (The only reason it doesn't seem so is that Mac does not produce a lower end computer, and there is a slight surcharge but I call that environmental protection), it still takes money, which I don't have. I am hoping that between Christmas, Scholarship/Loan money, and maybe a little savings from working for Dr. Emery I will be able to make the switch.

Currently I am thinking about a 13.3" MacBook Pro. I found one for $1299 that has a 2.53 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, dedicated video card, 4 GB of DDR3 RAM, etc. A picture of this gorgeous machine appears in this article.

Now, for all the doubters of Mac, I have to make some statements. 1) Walk around my department (Botany and Plant Pathology). Look at all of the computers, and tell me what you see. With Mac I can visualize Windows if necessary, and so compatibility is not an issue. In fact, my problem is comparability the other way around. I have run into cases where my PC (even with 3rd party software) can't do simple things (like show highlighted icons) that was done on a Mac. 2) With Windows 7, Microsoft is going to cut off compatibility for Windows XP, so I can't just go with XP again. 3) I have used Macs for years. I know how to run one, I know how they work, and I know how their owners love them.

Anyway, since I am talking about a PC-Mac switch, I felt it only appropriate to post the following. Really, both operating systems are viable:
We Didn't Start the Flame War (Note: May be offensive)

Now on a random note, I have to post my Facebook friend analysis done by some third party software.

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