09 September 2009


Wow have the past three weeks been busy!

One less credit hour and yet I have more work to do. Really, that is no surprise, and the only one that bugs me is the ridiculous work for organic chem lab. The class is great, but the lab has been a bit of a drag. Honestly, all of my class classes are great (HONR 299 - Insects in art literature and music is obviously going to be fun, and the prof is awesome! CLCS 237 - Gender and Sexuality in Greek and Roman Antiquity is also a fantastic class, lots of reading but still great! CS 177 - Programming with Multiple Objects is not bad at all, and I like starting into the ways of thinking with programming. CHM 255 I have already discussed).

QSU is another place where A TON of time goes. Events to plan, a CRAZY number of emails (You would be AMAZED the number of emails I get for it - I was!), etc. I didn't know the work level jump it was going to be (Sec to VP). Not that it is a bad thing, I like doing it a lot. Honestly, my work in the Queer field is my most rewarding at the moment (research is, but since they are just sporadic pilot experiments the time investment isn't enough to feel the reward/sting). I have noticed my interest is more on the internal when it comes to QSU work. Running and managing the internal parts of the organization, but that is just a sidenote.

Nathan and I have had most of our time eaten by outside activities (He has ALLY, I have QSU. He has more credit hours, but I have Organic Chem Lab), and we have not necessarily done much beyond that. Hopefully Friday and Saturday (before the homework barrage that is Sunday comes).


Btw, have to note the aeration poops. Purdue aerates its various lawns often, and it leaves a lot of funny looking soil plugs everwhere. Picture is to the left, taken with my LG Lotus (which is an awesome phone - full keyboard flip! - but it needs a battery life improvement! Hopefully in Gen II, or else I am thinking of the Reclaim.)

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  1. Ну, да. нечетные формы.
    Красивый!! Я люблю тебя!